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Agrochemical additives

Diffusant NNO

Diffusant NNO


CAS No.: 36290-04-7

Chemical ingredients: sodium salt of Naphthalene sulfonate formaldehyde condensate

Quality indicators:

Appearance Moisture Ph(1%Aq.Solution) Ionicity Water solubility
cream brown powdery solid
Soluble in any hard water


It has good resistance to acid, heat, hard water and inorganic salts, can work with anion and non-ionic surfactant.

1. As a dispersed filler of disperse and vat dyes. Dosage is the 0.5-3 times of vat dyes or 1.5-2 times of disperse dyes.

2. for tied dye, dosage of Diffusant N is 3-5g/L, or 15-20g/L of Diffusant N for reduction bath.

3. 0.5-1.5g/L for polyester dyed by dispersed in High Temperature High pressure.

4. Used in the dyeing of Azoic dyes: Diffusant Dosage is 2-5g/L, Dosage of Diffusant N is 0.5-2g/L for development bath.

Packaging and Storage: 40kg or 50kg plastic bag. Stored at room temperature in dark place, Storage period is one year.

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